Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Phase is LIVE and only 99c

Phase (Phoebe Reede: The Untold Story) 

Following on from the Declan Reede: The Untold Story series, comes this standalone spin-off series following Phoebe, who is all grown up. 

Living in the shadow of a legend has its drawbacks.

Every aspect of Phoebe Reede’s life has been defined by her father. Caught halfway between being a teen and an adult, she yearns to break free from the weight of expectations surrounding the Reede name. 

Her desire for freedom sends her overseas on her first solo journey. There, she finds herself having an unexpected adventure with an unlikely person. 

How can she learn who she wants to be and what is nothing more than a phase?

For a limited time it's only 99c or FREE to read in KU




AFTER I’D TURNED off to follow the route Beau had indicated, I found myself on a road that twisted and bent to the curves of the hill we were climbing. When I hit the corners, I couldn’t help myself, I leant into them and upped the throttle. Beau’s bodyweight was a little bit of an adjustment, but I could easily correct for it—especially when he seemed to understand the physics and leant into the corners with me.
We practically floated up the mountain, springing nimbly from one corner to the next with barely any time upright in between. I pushed the bike faster and faster, without ever letting myself forget that it was a second-hand beast, and I was still testing its boundaries. I may have been an adrenaline junkie, but I wasn’t stupid and wouldn’t do anything too reckless. The engine and suspension were in fine form though, if I did say so myself.
I’d slowed down considerably by the time we reached the top of the hill then pulled over to the side of the road and took my helmet off.
Beau followed suit and tugged his helmet off too.
“So where to?”
Beau grabbed both our helmets and twisted to secure them to the sissy bars. The movement caused his thighs to brush along my arse. Once he had the helmets secured, he leant around me to grab the handlebars. Normally, I would have lost my shit at someone else taking over control, but he was the one who knew where to go. Plus the feel of his chest pressed against my back, and his chin resting on my shoulder stole my breath. It may have been my imagination, but his arms seemed to squeeze a little tighter than necessary as he guided the bike around.
Before long, he’d brought us to a stop near a grassy area that overlooked the city of Sacramento.
For a moment, I rested my feet on the ground and just stared at the view, unwilling to get off the bike just yet. The lights stained the night sky with reds and whites. The moment was so magical—so surreal.
“Wow,” I murmured. “Spectacular.”
“Yeah, ya are.” Beau’s voice murmured near my ear.
My stomach clenched at his words, tightening into a ball that sent spikes of desire shooting downward. I wasn’t sure whether he intended me to hear them though. In fact, he’d uttered them so quietly that I doubted he had, so I chose to ignore them.
He cleared his throat and spoke a little louder as he climbed off the bike. “I gotta admit, I ain’t met many people can handle a bike like you. ’Specially with the extra weight; but you, darlin’, you were flawless.”
Climbing off the bike and following him toward the end of the car park, I blushed at his words. I’d heard similar things before, but they were usually followed by, “but I guess that’s to be expected, with who your father is,” as if my every achievement had been manufactured by him.
When I glanced back up at him, he was staring at me as if he didn’t believe I could be real. Our gazes locked, and time froze. It was like my mind had taken a snapshot of the moment and continued to play it long after reality had passed.
After a moment, we both looked away.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Declan Reede is LIVE and only 99c!!

The boxed set is now LIVE!

Declan Reede's series might be complete, but the spin-off is just about to begin. To celebrate, Declan has a new shiny boxed set, including BONUS CONTENT that isn't available anywhere else. 

You can get your hands on this foul-mouthed (sexy) bad boy racer today!The set contains: RONE-nominated novella Decide; novels Decline, Deceive, Decipher, Declare; and the brand new, exclusive novella, Decode.  

All for just 99 cents!

This set won't be at this price for long, so race to it now! 

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Unintentional Cover Reveal

 Titles: Unintentional: North American Edition & International Edition
Genre: Friends-to-Lovers Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: RMGraphx
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
* * *
Unintentional: North American Edition

Their eyes had met a thousand times, their smiles always easy and honest. All it takes is that one moment for everything to change. When their eyes are opened, no longer does "just friends" seem good enough.

1. Amy K. McClung
2. Vanessa Morse
3. Gabbi Grey
4. S. Hartley
5. Dahlia Donovan
6. Lindsay Detwiler
7. Randi Perrin:
8. Gen Ryan
* * *
Unintentional: International Edition

Fall in love with Unintentional: International Edition, a collection of nine friends-to-lovers HEA stories by nine amazing international authors. Happy ever afters really do come true.

1. Eva King
2. Michelle Irwin
3. A.L. Simpson
4. Aria Peyton
5. Megan Lowe
6. Ashlea Rhodes
7. Becca L'Amour
8. Louisa Masters
9. Gaeille Vanderspek 
* * *
THE TUES-DATE - Vanessa Morse
Through the years, Adam and Tara have grown to depend on each other and share a love deeper than either is willing to admit. Roommates, best friends, unmistakable soulmates... until one day, one date everything changes.

WHERE SHE BELONGS- Lindsay Detwiler

When Emeline Jackson's life plans crumble, her best friend Brent helps her rediscover herself in their hometown. She didn't come home to find love, but a lot can change in a summer.

JUST WHAT I NEED - Randi Perrin 

It started out innocent enough, one friend lending a shoulder for the other to cry on. But when Brad wakes up next to Jules the following morning, it stirs an awakening in him, and he’ll go to great lengths to prove she’s everything he needs.


When Caressa comes home from volunteering as a nurse in Africa, she knows she will reunite with her friend Michael. What she doesn't expect is just how much he missed her and how glad he is that she's finally home.

PATIENCE - S. Hartley 

Patience is more than just a song to Madison—it's what her rocker best friend has given her for years. Finally ready to be more than friends, will Cale have any left give?


Zoey makes the ultimate request of her best friend Rex. Though she never imagined the impact it would have on their relationship.


Hadley and Todd have always been there for each other, especially through their countless dead-end relationships. Will they both finally accept they are destined to be each other's always and forever?

ALL LATHERED UP - Dahlia Donovan 

Vi has known her best friend, Geoff, since childhood, though growing up meant being separated by distance and decisions. Neither realizes the impact exchanging postcards will have on their growing feelings. Could it be love?

* * *
YOU NEVER KNOW - Aria Peyton
When Miranda comes home engaged from a cruise, it doesn't take long for her bestie, Scott, to realise he feels something more for her. Will he get a chance to tell her or is he too late?


Letters of hope and love help Alex through his darkest days and bring him closer to Heather, and a friendship and love that could last a lifetime.

TAKE A SHOT - Michelle Irwin 

Holly thinks Logan is cute and sweet, much like a little brother. When the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, will he take a shot to convince her he's no longer the kid she's looked out for since high school?


Best friends turn to each other in good times and bad. Can Piper help Dalton through tragedy or has their friendship been shattered?


When your best friend needs support, there's no hesitation in being there for her. It's also the perfect opportunity to let her know exactly how good things could be.


When your one chance at love leaves you torn in two, only memories remain. Can Anastasia and Jason's friendship and new-found love be repaired to what it once was?


Samantha turns to online dating to meet a man who'll make her heart beat faster, but it's her best friend —and friend with benefits—Levi who's there for her when dates go bad. Has her friendship with Levi become more than she thought?

CLAIMED AND BRANDED - Gaeille Vanderspek

Heart sore from watching her best friend tangled up in endless scandals with no-good women, Vicki Edwards decides to move to New York and start over. But Jared is determined to make her stay, and he's not afraid to play dirty.


Two old friends reunite under dramatic circumstances. Will the prison walls tear them apart or will they make their relationship stronger?

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