Wednesday, March 23, 2016


As we near the end of Declan's story (only 17 more days until the last book releases), I thought I'd share the glossary I built over the four and a half novels so you can refer back to it at any time. This isn't a be all and end all glossary of Aussie to US terms, just the ones that appeared in Declan's books that needed additional explanation. Are there any others you can think of?

Temperatures are in Celsius, weight is in kilograms, and distance is (generally) in kilometres (although we still have some slang/idioms which use miles).
Arse: Ass.
AVO: Apprehended Violence Order.
Bedhead: Headboard.
Bench: Counter.
Bitumen: Asphalt.
Bonnet: Hood.
Boot: Trunk.
Bottle-o: Bottle shop/liquor store.
Buggery: Multiple meanings. Technically bugger/buggery is sodomy/anal sex, but in Australia, the use is more varied. Bugger is a common expression of disbelief/disapproval.
Came down in the last shower (Do you think I): Born yesterday
CAMS: Confederation of Australian Motor Sport.
Cherry (Drag racing): Red light indicating that you “red-lighted”/jumped the start.
Cock-ups: Fuck-ups/mistakes.
Dagwood Dogs: Corndogs
Diamante: Rhinestone.
Dipper: See S Bends below.
Do (Charity Do): Function/event.
Dob: Tell on.
Doona: Blanket/comforter.
Face Washer: Face cloth.
Fairy-Floss: Cotton candy.
Fillies: Girls.
Footpath: Sidewalk.
Formal: Prom.
Fours: Cars with a four-cylinder engine.
Gobful: Mouthful
HANS: Head And Neck Support.
Hydralyte: Hydrating formula (electrolytes).
Loo: Toilet.
Message bank: Voicemail.
Mirena: An IUD that contains and releases a small amount of a progesterone hormone directly into the uterus.
Mozzies: Mosquitoes.
Necked: Drank from.
Newsagency: A shop which sells newspapers/magazines/lotto tickets. Similar to a convenience store, but without the food.
Off my face: Drunk/under the influence (including of drugs).
Pap: Paparazzi.
Panadol/Paracetamol: Active ingredient in pain-relievers like Tylenol and Panadol.
Pavlova: Meringue-based desert, usually served covered with fresh cream and seasonal fruits (aka: sugar heaven).
Phone/Mobile Phone/Mobile Number: Cell/cell phone/cell number.
Prep (school): Preparation year.
Privateer: Someone who finances their own races.
Real Estate: All-inclusive term meaning real estate agency/property management firm.
Rego: Registration (general); cost of vehicle licence.
Ricer: Someone who drives a hotted up four-cylinder (usually imported) car, and makes modifications to make it (and make it look) faster.
Rugby League: One of the codes of football played in Australia.
S bends (and into the Dipper): Part of the racetrack shaped into an S shape. On Bathurst track, the Dipper is the biggest of the S bends, so called because there used to be a dip in the road there before track resurfacing made it safer.
Sandwich with the lot: Sandwich with the works.
Schoolies: Week-long (or more) celebration for year twelves graduating school. Similar to spring break. The Gold Coast is a popular destination for school leavers from all around the country, and they usually have a number of organised events, including alcohol-free events as a percentage of school leavers are usually under eighteen (the legal drinking age in Australia).
Scrag: Whore/slut.
Scrutineering: Process of going over the car and rules to ensure there is no corruption or mistakes.
Shout (referring to drinks or food): Buy for someone. “Get the tab.”
Silly Season: Off season in sports. Primarily where most of the trades happen (e.g. driver’s moving teams, sponsorship changes etc).
Skerrick: Scrap.
Slicks: A special type of racing tyre with no tread. They’re designed to get the maximum amount of surface on the road at all times. Wet weather tyres have chunky tread to displace the water from the track.
Skulled: (can also be spelled sculled and skolled) Chugged/Drank everything in the bottle/glass.
Soft Drinks: Soda/pop.
Stiff Shit: Tough shit/too bad.
Sunnies: Sunglasses.
TAFE: (Technical And Further Education) Trade school
Tassie: Tasmania (in the same way Aussie = Australia)
Taxi: Cab.
Thrummed: Hummed/vibrated.
Titbit: Tidbit.
Tossers: Pricks/assholes/jerks.
Tyres: Tires.
Year Twelve: Senior.
Wag: Ditch school.
Wank: Masturbate
Wankers: Tossers/Jerk-offs.
Weet-Bix: Breakfast cereal brand.
Whinge: Whine/complain.
Uni: University/college.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Last weekend, the 4th and 5th of March was Readers and Writers Down Under. It was such a great weekend. I got to spend most of it hanging out with two fabulous chicks (Allyson and Megan), and got to meet some new readers, got to hang out with readers I met least year, and got to finally face-to-face meet some friends from the interwebs. There were panels and parties. I was lucky to be part of the Hot Tree Editing "Would I Lie To You" which was heaps of fun (and I'm eternally thankful that the video cameras weren't out hehehe).

I thought I'd share some photos and a giveaway with you all.


For your chance to win the chequered flag in the last photo, as well as other awesome prizes, enter the rafflecopter below.