Friday, October 23, 2015

Among the Debris (Son of Rain #2) Excerpt


I passed through three rooms without finding a single window that didn’t have bars on the outside and that wasn’t filthy and grime-coated. The other three metal doors I came across were all locked. I had wasted close to half an hour trying to find an escape. Sirens blared outside as three emergency vehicles rushed past the building and a tug at my chest told me that I needed to get out.
I need to be at Evie’s side. Now!
Racing farther into the building, I tried to find a rear exit—anything to help me get out. I couldn’t explain the ache I felt, but I knew I needed to find Evie. I would feel better when she was in my arms and had proven my panic was unwarranted.
It had been close to two hours since I’d held her, and my heart screamed at me to return to her. After another ten minutes of searching, I finally found a single window in the back of the building with no bars to block my exit. After checking around me for any sign of the fae bastard, I holstered my gun and climbed carefully through the window. It was a tight squeeze, but I made it through.
The instant I was free from the building, my feet pounded the pavement in the direction of home. Every ounce of my strength and determination carried me back to her. It took less than ten minutes to run what had taken more than twenty to walk. By the time I was a block away, my instincts were on high alert.
My feet moved faster as I saw the horrid sight in front of me. Dense plumes of black smoke poured out of our building. Something was wrong.
“I have to get through!” I shouted madly at the people milling around, trying to get a peek at the day’s entertainment. I pushed and shoved, using my elbows, shoulders, knees—anything I had to—in order to barge my way through the intermittent throngs of bystanders.
I reached the containment line set by the police and firemen just in time to see a gurney being loaded into the back of an ambulance. At first, my blood was like ice. Fire was a bad sign if Evie was involved. Then the sight of the blonde hair on the girl on the stretcher gave me an instant burst of relief. I would have felt guilty about my elation over it being someone else, but I was too happy to see that it wasn’t Evie being taken from the building.
Moments later, as I glanced at the gurney once more, my relief sank into desperation. The sickening pull in my stomach that had been drawing me to this spot had nothing to do with the fae, possibly little to do with Evie even, and everything to do with my twin sister, Louise.
What’s she doing here?


Clay Jacobs and Evie Meyers are on the run. Together. Being hunted is almost worth it, so long as that remains true. It’s too much to hope that it can last.

Only weeks after their reunion in Salem, his family strikes, and Clay is torn from his lover’s arms once again. Alone, his certainty in their love falters. Everything he thought was true is called into question. Could his family be right? Could he have been caught in Evie’s spell?

Clay’s obsession with finding the truth leads him on a hunt across the globe. The answer will either bring him closer to freedom or destroy the remnants of his shattered heart. His quest may prove more difficult than he imagines when some people will go to any lengths to keep the truth hidden.


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