Sunday, August 16, 2015

Decide Teasers and Excerpt


OUR KISS WAS soft and slow.
It was warm and welcoming.
Alyssa tasted absolutely divine as our lips dragged across one another’s in a perfect melding. The scent of the crushed grass around us provided the backdrop to our surprise first kiss in the hot December sun. I knew if I opened my eyes, I would see the unbelievable image of her body pinned beneath me while I kissed her until we were both breathless. No doubt her hair would be fanned out behind her, rich deep brown against the green ground. I didn’t want to open my eyes though, because it would only ruin the moment.
She hummed against me as one of my hands found its way to the base of her neck, twisting gently into her hair. She cupped my face before fisting her fingers into my hair and tugged slightly, pulling me closer to her. I opened my mouth in response, granting her tongue access to explore. Every swirl of her tongue or shift of her fingers was done in a way that I was certain was designed to drive me mad. Each touch drew a new sound from me, one I’d never made before, or had even known I could make.
The kiss was passionate and fuelled by desire. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. In the instant it had started, I knew I’d never really kissed anyone before. Not properly. Not like this. I’d wanted to. Just three days earlier, I’d been half mad with desire for Darcy Kinsley. I’d been obsessed in the way only a fifteen-year-old boy could be. I’d imagined having my tongue in her mouth and her boobs in my palms.
All thoughts of her had been completely obliterated by one kiss.
The fact that I was sharing it with Alyssa was more than I could have ever imagined.
She’d been my best friend for years, but maybe not anymore.
I pulled away a fraction and met her honey-gold eyes. Her breath brushed across my mouth, and my tongue trailed forward to slick my lips in response. My gaze refused to move from hers despite the call of her lips. A quiver ran through my body and my heart pounded against my ribs. My voice held almost no volume, was just a breathless whisper as I uttered the only word running through my head. “Wow.”
“Yeah,” she breathed back.
Closing my eyes, I tipped forward and touched my lips to hers again. The instant we reconnected, a throaty groan escaped from her and she opened her lips for me once more. The action made my stomach clench and sent chain reactions echoing down my body. I was so completely lost in her—in us—that I didn’t hear anyone approaching. “Declan? Alyssa!”
I jolted at the sound of my name. Alyssa chuckled against my lips. The feel of her shifting beneath me sent a surge of whatever new emotion I was feeling through me. My heart clenched, my stomach fluttered, and my lips burned with the need to touch hers again. Unable to resist, I renewed my attack on her mouth.
“Seriously?” A tone of disgust rang in Josh’s voice.
Although I was tempted to ignore Alyssa’s older brother and just keep kissing her, she seemed less than comfortable with continuing our PDA in front of him. She placed her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me away. Despite the movement, a dreamy smile lit her face and I could see she had no regrets—even after being caught in the act.
After pulling myself up into a seated position, I offered my hand to help her up too. We sat cross-legged, facing each other. My hands played with her long locks, twisting the dark ends around my fingers as I studied her gaze, looking for any signs of what might happen next. I refused to relinquish my hold on her completely though, or break the moment so soon, because I wasn’t sure I’d get the chance to do it ever again.
“What the hell are you two doing?” Josh asked.
I risked a quick glance at him, and then around the park we were in. Scattered around us was half a deck of cards. The other half had been blown across the park by the wind while we’d been otherwise occupied.
Totally worth it, I thought to myself as Alyssa’s tongue stroked her lip before she offered me a small, shy smile. The kiss was obviously playing through her mind again, just like it looped through mine.
“Strike that,” Josh said. “I really don’t want to know.”
In the moments before the kiss, we’d been playing snap with that deck of cards. I’d accused her of cheating, mostly because she always did. About four months earlier, she’d found ways to use her boobs to distract me when she had a match. My accusation had led to a tickle fight—as it usually did. Which had somehow led to that kiss—which had never happened before. Although I’d had growing desires for something similar for a while.
When I met Alyssa’s gaze again, the realisation that with one little kiss everything had changed struck with more ferocity. From that moment on, everything would be different. It had to be. There would always be the time before we’d kissed and the time after. I had no clue what that might mean for our friendship though. If things went badly, it could end nine years of being there for each other. Nine years of sharing everything with each other. Homework, dreams, desires.
There wasn’t a single detail of our lives we’d kept hidden from each other. Well, aside from my growing affection for her. I’d kept that secret because I’d thought that any relationship between us was off-limits. Still, she’d told me all about her first kiss with Blake. “Disgusting and slobbery,” were the words she’d used to describe it. I only hoped I’d done a better job than he had.
In return, she knew about the many times I’d been rebuffed by Darcy Kinsley. Only days before, I’d spent half an hour whining to Alyssa about my continuing heartache over Darcy, and the fact that the blonde bombshell still didn’t know I existed. Even then, I’d cared less about Darcy than I let on. Instead, it was the desire that had been growing second-by-second for my best friend which had overtaken my mind. 

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