Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rise from Ash Excerpt

I have a sneaky peek excerpt for you. Obviously there are spoilers for Through the Fire ahead, so if you still haven't read that one and don't want to be spoilered, don't read on.

Otherwise, have at it and enjoy! I hope it whets your appetite for things to come.

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I shook myself awake with a scream, twisting in place as I struggled to reach Clay, even though he was somewhere hundreds of miles awayat least I hoped he was.
Rolling onto my back, I sighed and stared up at the makeshift shelter surrounding me while I waited for my racing heart to slow. Despite the danger I was in, I couldnt find the urgency I needed to pull myself out of my hideaway to check the area to ensure I was safe. Or that I was alone. With my tired body and aching head, all I could do was pray that the huge oak trees and red cedars that surrounded the hollowed out log Id claimed for the night would keep me hidden from casual observers. Before Id gone to sleep, Id positioned branches over the open side of the log as well, which I hoped would keep me hidden for a while even if someone was searching for me. A quick check to the side confirmed they were in place and mostly undisturbed.
For a moment, I closed my eyes again and allowed myself a few moments to relive my dream of Clayat least the beginning of it.
You know what my dream is?
Tears rolled down my cheeks as the memory of his voice floated through my mind.
My dream is to spend more than a few hours in a bed with youpreferably not sleeping.
They were words hed spoken as we considered stopping in Detroitthe city where his family had caught up to us before his sister died. Before I killed her.
What might have happened if he hadn't convinced me to stop?
The thought was enough to force me to stop wallowing. The fact was we had stopped moving, we had tried for a life together, his family had caught us, and Id destroyed everything wed shared in one dreadful moment. Just because of what I was.
A fire-starter.
A monster.
A phoenix.

A freak.

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