Sunday, January 11, 2015

Let's Talk About Sex Redux

So a few weeks back (my gosh Christmas was crazy wasn't it?), I did a post about sex. In particular the acceptable number partners for girls versus the acceptable number of partners for boys, and the double standards therein.

Today, I'm going to talk about something slightly different. Sex in books.

I've seen a lot of conversations happening at the moment on Facebook about a book with too much sex, or not enough sex, clean versus erotica, and everyone has a steadfast opinion on it. The thing is, everyone is right. There is too much, or not enough, purely depending on the preferences of the reader.

Like many things in life, I come somewhere in the middle. I don't particularly enjoy books full of sex for he sake of it, but that doesn't mean I think less of anyone who does. I don't mind if there are sex scenes though either. I don't need something completely clean. For me, the driving factor in it all is the plot. If the plot warrants sex, I'm happy to read a sex scene. If there is a highly emotional scene where emotions of any kind will help the sanity of the characters, I'm happy for that emotion to come from sex. If the two characters are in the middle of a deadly serious murder investigation where one of them is being stalked by the killer and they take a few hours to explore one another's bodies . . . hmmm not so much.

That said, that is entirely my preference. I know others who love erotica, and prefer books that don't let their plots get in the way of good sex. Which is totally fine too.

It comes back to the same simple premise I try to live my life by, read what you want, read what you enjoy, don't judge others on what they like, and don't let others judge you for your preference.

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