Thursday, January 29, 2015

Besieged by Rain FAQ and cover

Sometimes, I look back at my old post posts and have a chuckle to myself. I want to pat myself on the head and go, "That's nice dear." As I get ready for the release of Besieged by Rain I'm having one of those moments, in relation to this post. I remembered vaguely mentioning that I was writing Clay's side (okay, so it was a little more vague that saying it was about an alternate character's POV) and I hinted a little more at the full details in this post. Now that it's getting closer, I want to talk a little more about Clay's POV.

Now, the original post I did still holds true, mostly, except for the fact that there will be four books not two. What can I say? Clay is a talkative fellow once you get him on the right subjects. Let's address a few FAQ about it shall we (okay, so only some of these are FAQ, the others are arguments that I can hear people silently levying at me when I talk about Clay's books, even if those arguments are only in my own mind) and before I go on, I'll warn that there may be some light Through the Fire spoilers if you haven't read that yet (and if you haven't you totally should! Hear Evie's side before Clay opens his gob):

Why are you writing his story anyway, isn't it told in Through the Fire? Have you read Through the Fire? If yes, you should easily be able to see why Clay's story needs to be told. There are big gaps in Evie's knowledge, huge parts of Clay's world the he can't share with her, this book will shed light on some of those gaps. It will introduces the Jacobs clan in a way that will hopefully shed some new insight into their lives and why they (especially Clay) thinks the way he does.

So it's not just a repeat of Evie's books? No. And again, this comes down to the question of have you read Through the Fire. There are some cross-over scenes, naturally, because Clay's story involves Evie as much as Evie's story involves Clay. But Clay's family is very close, and so he spends a lot of time with them as well. For obvious reasons, this time isn't reflected in Evie's story.

So you're not just trying to release more books without any extra effort? *Laughs* Okay, were was I? Oh, that's right . . . *laughs again*. Seriously though, writing a book from another character's POV isn't easy. There is so much that you have to get just right. There is the massive danger that the motivations you thought were solid through one person's filter are completely wrong when examined as the POV character. Thankfully, I didn't have this, although I did learn that sometimes people lie when they're in a certain situation! You have to watch all the little details and make sure everything is done just right. Is it night in the first story? You better make sure it's night in the alternate POV, and that the time-frame for the other person matches up with no inconsistencies.

Why four books? Would you believe that I started this whole process thinking that I might maybe end up with a novella to match up with Evie's book 4.

I read Through the Fire, and I didn't particularly like the things that Clay's family did, why are you writing the story about the "bad guys"? Because all humans (and perhaps most nonhumans) are complex. None of the Jacobs crew are necessarily inherently bad. Yes some of their actions leave a little to be desired when viewed from Evie's point of view. However, without them, and other Rain like them, the world would be a more dangerous place. Clay's books will hopefully shed some light on this, as well as introduce some creatures that were lots of fun to write.

Why are you releasing Clay when there's still more Evie to be told? I want her next book! Okay, this one is a hard one. My publishers and I went back and forth over and over about the best order for release. It was already decided that we would do one book every four months--which was a doable timeframe for editing around the other books they have on their upcoming releases list. But then we had to decide whether to tell all of Evie's story and then come back for Clay's? Do we do two of Evie's, two of Clay's? What was the best for the story that needed to unfold between the two series and what was the best for each series individually? After a lot of debate and discussion, it was decided that there was no point getting to the very end of the series for Evie and then going right back to the beginning again for Clay. I know this puts 8 months between each book, but I trust it will be worth the wait. And because the books are pretty much written (7/8 are drafted to completion and the last is well under way), there shouldn't be any significant delays outside of what we've set. This isn't a series where book one is out and you don't know how long it might be before the next one comes out.

I can only read one series, which should I pick? I've covered this off before, but the way I think of it is Evie is the romance, Clay is the action. The biggest reason for this is that Clay's life is all about hunting monsters,

Let's get serious for a moment and ask the most vital question--is there more book boyfriend fodder in Clay's book? Yes! We get to be properly introduced to Clay's brother, Ethan, and according to my pre-reader, he's definitely book boyfriend material. The only problem is, she's claimed him and she doesn't share ;)

***WARNING*** Spoilers for Besieged by Rain & the Son of Rain series!!!!!!
Do Clay's books follow exactly the same timeline as Evie's? The short answer to this is yes. From the very beginning of Clay's first book to the very end of his last book will cover a very similar timeline as the first of Evie's to the end of Evie's (give or take a couple of months). However, the split between books will be a little different. Clay's books lag just a little behind Evie's.

So, if that's all your questions satisfied and you want to read Besieged by Rain, go add it to your TBR list on Goodreads!

Do you have any FAQ I didn't cover? List them below and I'll answer them (I'll try to keep it spoiler-free or at very least spoiler-lite).


  1. eeeeeekkkkkk Besieged by Rain can't go LIVE soooon enough, can't wait to read Clay's POV & it also means we are closer to Evie's 2nd book :P

    1. Did you see the counter??? Less than 30 days now!!! I'm so excited. A bit nervous again too (mostly because of the questions I'm imagining everyone wants to hurl at me, hence the post LOL)