Sunday, November 2, 2014

In love with love

My newly released book (wow it feel good to say that) Though the Fire is categorized as a New Adult Paranormal Romance book. New Adult just because it's covering the period of adjustment between being a teenager and being an adult. This category usually covers college stories and the like. For reasons that should be obvious to anyone who reads Through the Fire, the story doesn't include college but it does cover that same period of adjustment. 

This post is about the other part of the categorization--Paranormal Romance. I was talking to my mother who had recently read the book. She argued that she thinks it's not an accurate category because Through the Fire is "more than just romance." This got me thinking about Romance as a category. I think on the whole a genre romance suffers from negative stereotypes far more than any other. 

I've heard a number of people say that they don't read romance because it's all "Mills and Boon" type stuff, which I don't necessarily think is fair to the category, and even to the Mills and Boon itself. There's an image of the old typical bodice-ripper where the entire plot is about the couple getting together with plenty of unnecessary melodrama along the way. And while this still holds true for some romance novels, I think this mindset is a hang-over from the '80s and '90s. The genre has grown and matured since then, and now there is a whole variety of sub-genres. There are so many great authors who've written fantastic romance novels that are extremely popular. 

What are your thoughts? Do you love romance novels or do you avoid them like the plague? Obviously, I'm in love with love and happy to admit it. 


  1. Very well said and you have certainly set me straight on my perception, hope my reviews encourage others to take the plunge into this genre.

  2. I totally agree! Well said Michelle.