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Mythica Blog Tour - Author Interview


Bottom Drawer Publications is proud to present Mythica by L. J. LaBarthe,
an mm paranormal novel set in South Australia.

Release Date: September 20, 2014
Book Details: Novel
Genre: MM Contemporary Paranormal
Author: L. J.  LaBarthe

Today, I'm happy to share my blog with L. J. LaBarthe, author of Mythica, a M/M paranormal romance. Below are all the details about the book, but first, let's get to know L. J. a little better:

Q. How long have you been writing? Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
A. I’ve been writing for as long as I remember. In my teens, I wrote a fanzine about the local punk/hardcore music scene here in Adelaide. Then at university, I wrote some articles for the uni newspaper. I wrote some teenage angst poetry too—all terrible and it will never see the light of day! I started writing fiction just after my 20th birthday, I remember this quite clearly, because one of my oldest friends had fallen asleep on the sofa holding a beer can and I decided it would be a good start for a story! Professionally, I’ve been writing since 2009, but it all began when I was six years old and wrote a little story with accompanying drawing about Humpty Dumpty in Australia for a competition. I won because I included a typical Aussie bush hat with corks hanging from the brim in my artwork.

Q. What inspires you in your writing?
A. Everything, I suppose. The weather, landscape photography, history, urbex, music, movies, travelling, sitting in the garden… it really is a hodge-podge.

Q. Do you have a favorite place to write?
A. I’m usually parked on the couch in front of the TV. The TV provides background noise which seems to help me focus, oddly enough.

Q. Music while you write, yes or no?
A. Sometimes, depending on the time of day. Neighbors generally don’t take too kindly to one listening to Russian Viking Metal at 4am, for example.

Q. What is your current favorite book? Or if you can’t name just one, what was your last five-star read?
A. I just read “The Cuckoo’s Calling” by J. K. Rowling and found it to be a really well-written mystery, with really interesting and engaging characters and a murderer that I couldn’t pick until the big reveal. I’m also really loving the newest book in the “Night Watch” series by Sergey Lukyaneko. This one is “New Watch,” and it’s just as good as the first four and I love it. Oh, and a series I recommend far and wide is the Danilov Quintet by Jasper Kent, starting with “Twelve,” which is basically vampires through the history of Russia, from just before the Revolution. His world building and attention to history is terrific.

Q. Tell me a little about the inspiration behind Mythica.
A. I wanted to write a book set on the South Australian coast, because it really is beautiful. And I also enjoy looking at real estate, so I was looking around the town of Ardrossan and in nearby locations was a place called Tiddy Widdy Beach. I thought this was up there in the top ten best names of Australian towns, so I decided I wanted to set a book there. I was wondering which sort of paranormal creature to have as the central character and listening to a local pagan rock band called Spiral Dance. Their song, “Song for Selkie” came on and I snapped my fingers and said to myself, “That’s it!” And so “Mythica” was born.
Q. Describe the two leads of Mythica in three words each.
A. Three words? Eek! Okay, here goes.
Caiden: paranoid, sarcastic, loyal.
Gray: kind, altruistic, compassionate.


Caiden Jones is part-selkie and lives an idyllic life by the sea in South Australia. He’s had his fair share of disappointments, like being kept out of the Navy due to his mythica status, but overall he’s got a pretty good life. Until he’s in the wrong place at the right time.

Cai steps in to subdue an out-of-control minotaur and in the process suffers a serious injury to his ribs. As Cai struggles to breathe, a gorgeous suit-clad sy’lph with mesmerising blue eyes races to his rescue. When it’s learned that the minotaur was poisoned, the sy’lph, Gray, makes it his personal mission to keep Cai and his family safe.

Cai has always harboured some resentment towards the sy’lph because of their easy acceptance into the community, so the attraction he feels for Gray takes him by surprise. But how can they find out what this might mean when the lives of Cai and his family are endangered by someone closer than they realise?

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About the Author

L. J. LaBarthe

L.J. LaBarthe is a French-Australian woman, who was born during the Witching Hour, just after midnight. From this auspicious beginning, she went on to write a prize-winning short story about Humpty Dumpty wearing an Aussie hat complete with corks dangling from it when she was six years old. From there, she wrote for her high school yearbook, her university newspaper, and, from her early teens to her twenties, produced a fanzine about the local punk rock music scene. She loves music of all kinds and was once a classical pianist; she loves languages and speaks French and English and a teeny-tiny smattering of Mandarin Chinese, which she hopes to relearn properly very soon. She enjoys TV, film, travel, cooking, eating out, abandoned places, urbex, history, and researching.

L.J. loves to read complicated plots and hopes to do complex plot lines justice in her own writing. She writes paranormal, historical, urban fantasy, and contemporary Australian stories, usually m/m romance and featuring m/m erotica.

L.J. lives in the city of Adelaide, and is owned by her cat.
She can be found on the Internet at the following places:
twitter: @brbsiberia,

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Giveaway, Excerpt and Pre-order links

Oh boy! The last few days have been CRAZY! So the book is slowly going up for preorders in all the right places. Just have a few more to go, including the paperback link on Amazon (but I'll come back and put it up here when it's in).

Also, there are two giveaways that the lovely crew at Bottom Drawer Publications have put on. One is for a copy of the paperback via Goodreads:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Through the Fire by Michelle Irwin

Through the Fire

by Michelle Irwin

Giveaway ends October 27, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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The second is for two copies of the ebook at Booklikes: BookLikes Giveaway

So where can you buy the book? Well, pretty much anywhere ;) 

Within a couple of days, it should be in a few more places too, including the paperback available on Amazon etc.

Paperback at Barnes & Noble

Evie Meyers’ life is one spent on the run. Every minute of every day, her life is in danger if anyone should suspect the truth about her ancestry. Her father was willing to risk everything to keep the truth hidden, even from her, but the lies he fabricated were exposed when her high school crush, Clay Jacobs, inadvertently stumbled upon her secret. His discovery puts Evie at risk from a secret organization tasked with washing the world clean of nonhumans—and Clay is one of its deadliest soldiers. Forced into a war she doesn’t understand, all because of what she is, Evie is left with no choice but to flee with her father to escape persecution.

When Clay reappears in her life, battle scarred and mysterious, Evie is unprepared and terrified as he forces his way back into her heart. When the battle catches up with her, and a tragic accident tears apart the peace she discovered, she finds herself alone and without the protection of her father, or her lover. Now, she needs to keep her secrets hidden and learn to survive on her own in a world that wants her dead, all while searching for the missing piece of her heart.

Chapter One

I WAS HALFWAY up my drive when the sight of three delicate star-shaped flowers wrapped in soft cream paper resting against my doorstep stopped me in my tracks. A prickle of fear crept over the back of my neck, and the air around me warmed by a few degrees. That simple bouquet of white might have been innocuous on any other doorstep, but in front of my house it was something much more dangerous. It meant that I’d been discovered.

Forcing myself to move, I approached the parcel with caution. The closer inspection did nothing to quell the unease that held my heart in a vice-grip. Magnolias. There couldn’t have been a surer sign that the one person from my past who knew my secrets and wanted me dead had found me.

I twisted around to face the road, carefully scrutinizing each of the cars parked along the side of the quiet street. The possibility that his gaze could at that very moment be firmly fixed on me was enough to cause the now-familiar tingles to spark in the tips of my fingers.

He can’t be here, can he?

The tiny hairs on the back of my neck raised as I realized that yes . . . yes he could be.

It was what he did after all. Hunt. Kill. Destroy.

My skin flushed with heat at the possible sinister motives behind the flowers. Since the incident a few years ago, I’d come to accept that this would forever be my body’s natural reaction to stress. My heart clenched with fear at the danger implicit in the situation even as my stomach fluttered with the recollection of what those flowers had once represented—what he had once meant to me. Memories of the time I’d walked with him beneath a canopy of those blooms, and everything that came after, overwhelmed me. A shudder raced down my spine.

What does it mean? Another, more vital, thought pushed the others out of my mind. How could he have gotten close enough to leave flowers?

Neither Dad nor I had the slightest suspicion that danger lurked nearby. If we had, then we would have been miles away long before the flowers could have turned up. I didn’t understand it because we were usually so adept at avoiding exposure. We had to be; it could prove deadly otherwise.

How did he find me?

I pushed the thought out of my mind and began to consider the houses around me. I shifted my gaze toward the windows and scanned them all, examining each one for the telltale fluttering of curtains or shutters suddenly snapping closed when my eyes fell onto them. Once I was sure that there was definitely no one watching me, I bent to examine the floral package in more depth.

Are they a warning? The thought struck me as ridiculous even as it crossed my mind. From what I understood about his family and their beliefs, the flower couldn’t have been a threat or a warning either. People like me didn’t get warnings. Just death.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence? I wasn’t sure I believed in coincidences that significant, but it made some sense. It certainly made more sense than the fact that he’d leave flowers; he wanted to kill me, not date me.

My heart rested somewhere in the region of my throat and pounded heavily as I reached out with one hand and pushed the paper aside to see if there was a card or note somewhere on the offering. Almost instantly the flowers began to wilt, so I drew my hand away and gave my fingers a gentle shake before clenching them into a fist.

Calm down, Evie.

I took a deep breath and released it slowly, concentrating on slowing the pace of the blood racing through my body.

It might be nothing, just a gift from an overly friendly neighbor. It’s not like magnolias belong solely to him.

Considering that Dad and I had already been in the house for a little over two weeks, and were careful about timing our comings and goings to avoid too much attention, it seemed unlikely, but I was determined not to panic . . . yet. Confident that I’d calmed myself enough to be able to reach for the flowers again without completely destroying them, I leaned forward and unwrapped the paper before pulling it away from the flowers to examine both sides.


I folded up the paper and pushed it into the pocket of my jeans before reaching for the flowers and standing back up with them in my hands.

Why are they here? Why now?

Turning back toward the street, I scanned the whole scene once more to ensure I hadn’t missed anything. It’s probably nothing, I justified to myself as I considered the empty street. They can’t be from Clay—it’s impossible.

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1st Anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary! It's very exciting. It's a little scary to think this journey has been going on for a little longer than that, but we're almost there--we're almost at the start! I can't wait to bring you all along on the next twelve months and beyond. Thank you for being here, for listening to (reading) me rant and rave, and celebrate, and, well, everything in between.

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Cover Reveal - Winter Wolf



Winter Wolf-ebooklg
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Katalina Winter has been living for eighteen years, with a secret hidden inside of her, a secret not even she knew.
With this secret comes consequences, expectations, one's she's not willing to fulfill; she'll give her heart to whom she wishes, even if he is, a Dark Shadow wolf...
Join Katalina as she navigates her way through this world at war, where the alpha is law, and only the strong survive. You will see the power of true love, and the length's people will go to destroy it.
**Please note this is a YA Stand alone novel, no cliffhangers**

winter wolf Pre-order Pic


Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA


winter wolf teaser3

winter wolf teaser1

Winter Wolf-wrap


I've being reading books for as long as I can remember but I never thought about writing until I read Nalini Singh - Slave to sensation which is the first book in her psy-changling series.
At first I just wrote fan fiction until one morning I woke up with a story of my own. Lincoln and Lexia were born!  I spent 6 solid months writing and re-writing and now their story is out in the world and I am currently working on the final book Holocaust due 2015.
After the birth of my 3rd child I wrote Winter Wolf a YA Paranormal Novel which is due for Release in November.
I have lived in England, New Zealand and currently live in QLD Australia but to me England will always be home.
I've been a dish washer, Admin assistant, horse groom and now spend my days looking after my 3 children and writing as often as I can.


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Pain, pleasure, and editing

Editing is painful.

Cutting words, trying to find just the right word choice, making sure there are no errant commas, and also that there are commas in all the right places. And that's just copy editing.

Then there's content editing: examining and second guessing the choices of your characters, ensuring that their decisions are both consistent with their nature and with the world and rules that they exist in. Looking at the flow of the piece and trying to figure out if you should start earlier, later, scrap and rewrite.

Despite how painful it is, despite how hard it can be to ensure things are just right, it's actually something I've learned to love over time. In the very beginning of my writing journey, back when I wrote my very first novel, the idea of having to read it over and over just seemed so horrid and such a waste of time. My thoughts were along the line of, "What more am I going to come up with that I haven't already done?"

I can now look back and laugh at my naivety. The truth is, there is a lot that a good edit can bring out or polish in a story that is impossible on first draft. Each pass over makes the writing tighter, cleaner, clearer. Will there still be some errors? Yes, without doubt. It's impossible to catch everything, even with multiple sets of eyes, but there will be fewer of them. And double bonus, the story will be stronger

So, I am declaring my love for red pen. Yes it hurts, but it's a damn pleasurable pain when you see the end result.

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Release Day - Cutting Out (a M/M contemporary novel)

Bottom Drawer is proud to present Cutting Out by Meredith Shayne, a contemporary m/m romance based in New Zealand.

Book Details: Novel
Genre: Contemporary MM Romance
Author: Meredith Shayne


A twenty-year veteran of the shearing shed, Aussie Shane Cooper loves his job, and the home he’s made for himself in New Zealand. If he’s a little lonely, he’s got good mates to keep his spirits up. When a hot, cocky young shearer named Lachlan Moore catches his eye at a competition, he’s content to look but not touch, knowing the young man is out of his league.
Lachie wouldn’t mind a piece of Shane, but the gorgeous gun shearer from Australia is soon forgotten when the Christchurch earthquake hits, and tragedy strikes Lachie’s family. Lachie deals with it the best he can, cutting himself off from all he knows. A year later and he’s back in the shearing shed, out of practice and lacking confidence. That Shane’s there to watch him flounder doesn’t help his nerves.
As Lachlan struggles to re-acclimatise, Shane can’t resist giving him a hand to get back on his feet. As they move from friends to something more, Shane finds himself wanting to know everything he can about Lachie. But Lachie’s got secrets he desperately wants to keep, and when things come to a head, those secrets might just mean the end of them before they’ve truly begun.
Buy Links
The e-book is available for sale for $5.99 via the BDP Digital Shop
and other online booksellers soon


On Goodreads:
On Booklikes:

For more information:

About the Author

Meredith Shayne

A scientist in a past life, these days Meredith Shayne mainly uses her scientific training to poke holes in television pseudoscience. Originally from Australia, she moved to New Zealand to start a new life a few years ago and hasn't regretted it for one minute, even if she frequently wishes that the New Zealand weather was a little better; if she's forced, she'll admit that the refreshing lack of animals that can kill you in New Zealand makes up for a little rain.

Meredith travels a lot, so much so that she has developed a shameful love of airplane food and knows her passport number by heart. When she is at home, she enjoys baking, horrible music from the 1980s, reality television, and gloating any time Australia thrashes the living daylights out of New Zealand on the sporting field.

Find Meredith at her website: