Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Little Faith by Emma James Cover Reveal

I had no idea a carefree island vacation would tear my life apart.
But now it’s time to put my walls up, make them impenetrable.
It’s the only way to survive.

Six Years Later…
Harley, the protector. Retro, the straight shooter.
Keanu, the funny bone. Levi, the model. And Text, who can’t seem to find himself.
All their lives were permanently altered by one event.
With a pact made, these five best friends need something from Faith.
Is she ready now to give them what they have been waiting for?

Join Faith as she goes on an emotional and heartwarming discovery where all may not be what it seems.
But with every ending, comes a new beginning, a second chance.
You just gotta have A Little Faith...

Welcome to Ocean Beach.
You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”
Bob Marley



Emma James lives in Queensland, Australia with her smexi husband ,three children and a big black Labrador. Life is busy and most entertaining in the James household. She often bounces ideas off her family and gets very creative responses. She loves to read as much as write. Daytime for writing, night time for reading.

She hopes to surprise you with her debut book, A Little Faith.

Twitter : @emmajamesbooks

5 x Mobi files – A Little Faith , up for grabs. Prizes will be sent out on 10th October 2014.

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