Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ode to Beta Readers

Call them pre-readers, beta-readers, sounding-boards, part-time muses, angels, life-savers, whatever you like, today I am doing an ode to beta readers:  
When the first draft is done,
The work's just begun.
A read-through or two,
Won't find errors for you.
A fresh set of eyes will see;
"This doesn't make any sense to me."
"Witty comeback," or "Cringe-worthy phrases,"
Someone to read over two hundred pages.
"This story is great," or "Ooh, try again,"
Someone who has a snazzy red pen.
A supportive ear for when fears strike,
Someone to push when you just want to pike.
A sounding board for new ideas,
Someone to wipe your virtual tears.
An angel committed even when,
The time has come for read-through ten.
A person on whom you can depend,
A reader first, but later . . . a friend.

On a more serious note: I love my pre-reader, Jen. She is there when I am having my moments of insecurity and often knows my characters better than I do (or at least she isn't as willing to try to bend their wills to her own needs -- although there have been conversations about one of my characters, Ethan . . . ) Even though we have continents and many thousands of miles between us, I often find talking with her helps to clarify things in my own mind. She also let's me know when my Aussie is showing (seriously, fortnight is such a handy word, I think the US should catch up ;) ) 

So to the giver of commas and grammar advise, the unpaid therapist, and the wonderful person who I consider a dear friend, I say: THANK YOU


  1. Why must you make a girl cry?
    It is I who am honored to serve. <3

    As far as fortnight goes, I wholly agree! It breaks my heart how many beautiful words have been lost..