Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mixing my Mythology

Some people are very particular about their mythology and lore. What I mean by that is that there are people who get persnickety when the lore that they are familiar with is messed with or mixed up with something from a different culture. For example:

  • People who get upset that Stephenie Meyer made vampires sparkle
  • People who dislike that the vampires in "Being Humans" can abstain from human blood (in some scenes are even seen eating normal food) and go out in sunlight.  
  • People who rage that Supernatural can have demons and angels, but also Norse and Greek gods, and all manner of creature in between. 
There will always be those who love a particular brand of mythology, a particular type of creature, or a particular culture so much that they don't want it to be shifted or change. They don't want to see a different interpretation of their creature du jour, and I can understand that. I can understand why someone fascinated with the specifics of Greek mythology might be upset with seeing Zeus taking tea with Loki.

That being said, in my twin series Daughter of Fire and Son of Rain, I have a number of different myths and creatures that are a little mixed up. Not only that, but some creatures who belong in one region of the world have migrated to another. I apologize in advance if anyone takes offence to this, but there was a conscious choice behind this decision. 

Basically, the world of the series is one where mythological creatures exist (NB: I don't regard this as a spoiler, after all it's a paranormal romance, so at least some of these things must logically exist in the world or it would just be a contemporary romance). In the course of setting the scene I decided that if one type of creature exists then logically any of these creatures might. Just because something is in Greek mythology and another in British folklore, doesn't make one more likely to occur than another. I took the view that, in this world, all myths stem from some version of a real entity. 

In regards to the regional aspect, I figured that with the world getting smaller every day with the advent of plane travel, motor vehicles, etc within the last hundred or so years, that these mythological beings, gods, and creatures would be able to traverse continents much easier than they would have a millennium or more ago.

What is your take on mixing up mythologies? Are you a stickler for the classic rules or a little more liberal in your views? I think this is one of those cases were there is no right or wrong, just opinions based on personal history and preference.  

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