Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Fine Art of...

Procrastination: It's an art form.

One that we all practice from time to time. At the moment, I am unintentionally procrastinating from my story. It's not writer's block as such. It's not like I'm staring at the screen wondering, "Where to next." I know that, I have it plotted out and when I sit and write it comes relatively easily. This is different. This is more of a "sitting down and finding a thousand other things to do instead of actually sitting to write" thing.

In order to show you just how bad at procrastinating I can be, everything before this paragraph was actually drafted about a month ago. I just never got around to finishing the post. Whether that's irony, cosmic justice or just me practicing the age-old art-form I don't know, but there you have it. Today though, it will be done.

Despite being dedicated to meeting my deadlines at work and my self-imposed writing ones, I often push things that aren't important *at that moment* back. Things like updating diaries and phone contacts, arranging play dates, organizing taxes and bank statements, grocery shopping and housework. Eventually, they become urgent and when they do, I make sure they're done, but it's just so easy to push it off for just one more day.

There are probably many brilliant posts all over the internet about the sociological reasons we procrastinate, how best to avoid procrastination, and probably even one or two that go into the neuroscience behind it. All I want to go into here today is that, in my humble and uneducated (in this field at least) opinion, unless you are a serial procrastinator that never achieves anything you want, it's probably nothing to be overly concerned about. Unless it's ruining your life through a series of missed deadlines, it's okay to occasionally push something off until the following day. In fact, it might even be healthy. As I said, this is just my two-cents. I wouldn't use it as evidence to support a late lodgement of an important assignment--if you have one of those coming up, it's probably easier to just get it done. If however, you have a pile of clothes that need to be folded...well, maybe that can wait until tomorrow.

How about you? Are you, like me, a little bit of a serial procrastinator, or do you do everything as soon as it comes up?

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