Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cover Reveal: F*ck Normal

What happens when you marry a serious intellectual with a rich fantasy life to a perfectionistic overachiever with a hot body? Sometimes you get discord and separation. Other times, you get Goodreads, too many bottles of Haut-Brion, a luxe swingers club, and Lexus sex.

Barton and Katelyn Fiske are a normal couple with some all-too-normal marital issues. The Fiskes have two small children, an underwater mortgage, and too many bills to pay. He works hard, she spends harder. They haven't had sex in months, and Barton is sleeping in the den of their colonial-style home in Downwind Beach, Florida. The Fiskes attend couples’ counseling, but it isn’t helping. They're on the verge of breaking up their ten-year marriage.

Katelyn wants her husband to stop fantasizing about a woman from his past. Barton wants his wife to stop prying into his private thoughts. And Dr. Colony, their high-end Palm Beach therapist, wants husband and wife to practice her mutualization exercises so that they can enjoy a normal relationship.

Fuck normal, Barton thinks. Little does he know, his wife is thinking the same thing.

The e-book will be available for sale on June 7, exclusively from Amazon for 90 days, and then from all online booksellers after that.

About the Author

Mickey J. Corrigan

Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan lives and writes and gets into trouble in South Florida. The tropics provide a lush, steamy setting for hot romance and Florida pulp.

Mickey's stories have appeared in several anthologies and online publications.

Novellas include: 
* the cyber romance Dream Job (Breathless Press, 2012), which has been compared to The Matrix and the Twilight Zone;
*Geekus Interruptus, a quirky comedy for all lovers of the nerd variety (Bottom Drawer Publications, 2013)
* Professional Grievers, a romantic comedy that highlights love affairs at funerals and wakes (Breathless Press, 2013);
* BabyShares, a quirky financial crime romance (Secret Cravings Press, 2013); and
*Me Go Mango, which combines girls gone wild with some delicious mango recipes (Champagne Books, 2013).

Sugar Babies, a novel, is a sexy thriller (Champagne Books, 2013).

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