Monday, February 3, 2014

What's your point of view?

I've seen a few posts around on different blogs talking about whether a story should be in first person (I, me, etc) or third person (he, she, etc). This blog post isn't really about that. If I was pressed for advice on this, I would say write the story in whichever perspective best suits the story, and only very, very rarely should that be second person (you, your). I currently have a work in progress that's written in 3rd person. The novel that's being edited by publishers at the moment is in first. Why are they different? Because that's how the different characters spoke to me.

What my post today is really about writing alternative points of view (POV) of stories. This is often a great technique to help shake writer's block because you're forced to consider options which might not seem obvious if you're writing the story in the main characters POV. What prompted me to write this blog post is that I have been doing this lately, in fact I've been doing it enough that I think I might end up with another 2 books set in the same world as my series, just from a different character's perspective. Now generally, I'm not a big fan of retelling a story from another side for one primary reason: most, if not all, of the emotions of the secondary characters POV *should* shine through in the original story. The main character might not be able to see/understand the other character's motivations or emotions, but the reader sure as sugar should.

Why then, am I writing books that are a retelling of events from the other side? Well, because I'm not. Not really anyway. The characters each have their owns lives, their own experiences and don't spend every moment together. There is, naturally, some crossover, but the two main characters have separate and distinct stories to tell. Hopefully, when the time comes, you'll enjoy them both.

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