Sunday, October 20, 2013


I'm amazed how often kismet comes into play during the writing and the editing process. I plot, plan, and research so much to get the details right, but every once in a while stumble onto something perfect for the story purely by chance, or possibly fate. This happened to me recently when I decided I wanted to enhance a certain thread in the story relating to a scent from one of the character's pasts, that of magnolia flowers.

Seems like a fairly simple decision, yet it's one that in the current draft provides a perfect kismet moment. This character was gifting flowers to another to let her know he was near before approaching her. The flower is part of their shared history so it made sense that he would buy her magnolias. Then, as I was researching bouquets that might contain magnolias, I stumbled across my discovery. The meaning of the flower is perseverance, which is probably the best word for their relationship at that point in the story.

This is not the only example of kismet I've had, just the most recent. It's probably something a casual reader wouldn't even notice, but knowing it's there makes me smile.

I always wonder whether other people have happy accidents like this?

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  1. Its nice to get an insight on your writing, and even though the casual reader may not make the connection, you know that it was meant to be.

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